5.1 Delivery of the Goods ordered by way of purchase order or online orders shall be made to the Buyer’s address as provided by the Buyer to Seller at the time of placing the Order for the Goods. The Buyer shall make all arrangements necessary to take delivery of the Goods whenever they are tendered for delivery. If the Buyer fails to make such arrangements then, at the Seller's discretion, delivery of the Goods may be made to the Buyer at the Seller’s address.

5.2 Delivery of Goods will be taken to have occurred when the Goods are either

(a) collected by the Buyer or the Buyer’s agent or nominee; or 

(b) offloaded at the Buyer's nominated point of delivery; or 

(c)  collected by  a carrier, either named by the Buyer or failing such naming to a carrier at the discretion of the Seller for the purpose of transmission to the Buyer; or 

(d) collected by a sales representative of the Seller, at the discretion of the Seller, for the purpose of delivery  to the Buyer. 

5.3 The Seller may deliver the Goods and Services by separate instalments. Each separate instalment must be invoiced and paid for in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement.

5.4 Delivery and provision of any Services will take place on dates and times separately agreed between the parties.

5.5 The delivery times made known to the Buyer are estimates only and the Seller is not liable for late delivery or non-delivery. 

5.6  The Seller is not liable for any loss, damage or delay occasioned to the Buyer or its customers arising from late or non-delivery of the Goods or Services and late delivery or non-delivery does not vary these Conditions or relieve the Buyer from its obligations to accept and pay for Goods or Services.

5.7 The failure of the Seller to deliver or provide any Goods and/or Services shall not entitle either party to treat an Agreement as repudiated by the Seller